Saturday, November 3, 2012

In Your Dreams review- Amy Martin

In Your Dreams (In Your Dreams #1)Wow, I am still in shock from this book. After I finished it, it took me a couple of days to really think about it and absorb it, for all its worth.
Synopsis: "In Your Dreams", tells the story of a highschool basketball ball star Zip Mckee who befriends a new student named Keiran Lanier, soon she finds out that Keiran has a dark secert that goes along with a dark past. Keiran catches glimpses of the furture through a sleeping disorder called Narcolepsy. And when Zip start getting weird dreams about the future it is up to her to save Keiran from his dark past that is much closer than anyone thinks.
My Thoughts: This was a beautiful novel. It was nothing like anything that I have before. I thought that there was alot of character growth in the book, which is something that I find is really important. You can see the characters mature as the book progresses as well as how unexpected the relationships that form in the book are.
This book always kept me on my toes, I never could predict what would happen next. The many predictions that I had predicted as I was reading were far from what actually happened in the book. Which made me want to come back and read the book. It was almost as if it was drawing me to it.
I loved the novels plot, the idea of a boy with narcolepsy (sleeping disorder) being able to see glimpses of the future was mind blowing, I have never heard of such idea and it was very nice to have a new twist in paranormal romance. I also loved that although the plot explored romance between the two characters, it was also completely 100% action packed, which in most paranormal romances there isn't a huge portion of action. I enjoyed it that it wasn't your regular paranormal romance either, their wasn't some vampire waiting to come out it, and it was defiantly a new take on the genre. I loved the crime aspect of the book as well, I thought it was very thought out and kept me on my toes the whole time. The predictions that I made about the antagonists in this book were alot of the times false and the reality was alot more intense than my prediction.
Overall, I give this novel a 5/5. It was amazing and it got me out of my reading slump. I would defiantly pick up the rest of the series.