Thursday, March 21, 2013

YouTube Change for the good or bad?

Ive been a participate of youtube for around 2 years. The booktubing community was very welcoming when I started and I was pleasantly suprised and inspired by a few really great youtubers such as "The ChapterChicks", "MrRichardDenny" and a few others. But, I have been noticeing that, youtube, itself has been changing and I guess this is will be a little rant but anways here it goes.
A while back, you were able to veiw your subscriptions and see who posted a new video which you may enjoy watching, was one of my favorite features of youtube. Right, in front of me I was given a list of new videos and I can chose which ones to watch and which ones to skip. But, lately either I am losing my savvy technology touch or YouTube has taken that feature away and add a feature which allows you to see what other people have liked, uploaded or commented on all in one long list. Which in my opinion is almost like a facebook news feed. Although, it can be quite useful, my compliant is that it is slightly disorganized. And I feel I am discouraged to watch videos of the people I am subscribed to because I have to physically go on to there page to see if they have posted anything new. It may just be me being lazy, but I sure miss that subscription feature without any of the extra stuff.
Secondly, I think that the book community is slowly dying out, which is really unfortunate. I have been noticing that not many people are filming new videos, or like I said before I may just be having a hard time finding them. I personally think I am going to switch to the writing method of reviews and hauls, which will be available on this blog. I may even film and video or two that can be found here as well.
What are your thoughts on this new improvement or fail of youtube??

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  1. [KC Hilton linked to this on twitter, and I just had to comment :)]

    The current subscription feed is a terribly executed idea, but there is another option: www (.) youtube (.) com / my_subscriptions will take you to a grid view of all new videos from your subscribers, no pesky likes get in the way, and each video is removed as you watch it. I hope you find this helpful, I think that it works way better to keep you update on your subscriptions!